How we work

Our fee structure for finding your holiday house is based on an incentive scheme. The client pays a relative small upfront fee. When the client buys the property from the provided shortlist, we’ll charge an agreed percentage of the Purchase Price. If they don't buy, they pay just the retainer fee.

Everyone has their own unique requirements when looking for a holiday house. We therefore do offer various different service packages. Components of these packages are:

Personalised Interview

Before we start looking for your holiday property, we’ll conduct a personalized structured Interview of an 1,5 hours where we’ll explore the specific needs that you’re looking for in a holiday house.


Based on the outcome of the personalized Interview, we’ll start looking for properties that will meet the specific defined criteria’s. We’ll personally visit all “qualified” properties and will produce a shortlist specifically for you.

  Shortlist visit

Since most clients live outside Switzerland and don’t have a lot of time to check the provided shortlist, we do offer a personalized house sightseeing day/2 days. We organize all the logistics and appointments with the local real estate managers. When you fly to Switzerland, we'll pick you up and drop you off at the airport.

  Buying Process

When there is a property from the shortlist that you’re very interested in, we’ll help you during the buying process. Stages in the buying process are negotiation, contracts, formal paperwork with a local solicitor.


Since mortgages in Switzerland are very attractive(low interest rates and tax deductable), we could organize an introduction to the local banks.

  Building Process

If you buy your holiday house from plan, this will cause some headaches….How to deal with local builders, where to get all the materials (bathrooms, flooring, kitchens etc). How to check upon the building process, how to correct something that went wrong….We do offer this service. We have a network of suppliers and could save you a lot of money (up to 50%!!!).


Interior Design

If you don´t have time to decorate your house, we do have a network of interior designers that could assist with the decoration.


Renting Process

In case you decide to rent out your holiday house in those periods that you’re not using it yourself, we do offer a service to find tenants, organize the payments, organize the keys for the tenants and a cleaning service when they leave again. In this way your house is paying for itself!