India goes Swiss                                                                                  

More and more Indians (800,000 visitors per year!) decide to spend more time in Switzerland, how come?


* Bollywood movies:  Being by far the biggest film industry in the world, Switzerland is often used as a shooting destination for filming. 

* Switzerland stands for fresh and clean air, something you won't have in the major cities of India.

* During summer  it can be very warm in India. When people escape during their break, they love to spend their holidays with their families in a cooler environment during June-July.

* FOOD: Indians love their food. In some area's like Interlaken and Engelberg there are various restaurants that cater Indian food.

* Snow: When Indians can only afford 1 trip to Europe in a lifetime, they must see snow and experience Switzelland in a very short timeframe. Areas like Interlaken and Engelberg will offer all this within a 1-2 day trip..


We noticed, we do get a lot of requests from Indian people; not only for holiday houses, also for commercial real estate.

We have a very good network in places like Interlaken and Engelberg to name a few.