Rental Investment

Switzerland is trying to avoid “ghost” villages in the mountains. A lot of holiday houses are only being used 3-4 weeks a year and the remaining weeks they are not occupied. There for Switzerland is restricting new project developments in most ski resorts. This means that fewer properties will be build and from these only a percentage could be purchased by foreigners.


The government wants to create “hot beds”, “warme Betten”; beds that are being used during the whole year. More and more new projects are introduced, where owners buy an apartment, which they only can use limited weeks and the remaining weeks will be rented out by a tour operator. In this way the foreigners don’t need a permit, the owner will get a Return on Investment and the villages get more tourists. Most of these developments have restaurants, wellness, kids club and are often centrally located close to a ski lift or lake.


We work closely together with several Rental Investment projects.

  • Some rental apartment projects will have a guaranteed ROI of minimum 3 % for the first 3 years.
  • Some hotel rooms and hotel suites projects will have a guaranteed ROI of minimum 3 % for the first 5 years.
  • Tax deductable Mortgages, 10 year fix 1.8 %!! 

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